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Welcome to, where we bring you lyrics for today's most popular artists, with a wicked twist. You see, we've "pimped" the lyrics by adding the song to the pages when you read the lyrics. You just read the lyrics and the song plays at the same time, right in your browser! Cool, huh?

We've made a dedicated site for each of today's most popular artists, and we're constantly adding new songs whenever the artists release them. We try to add the rare stuff too...stuff you can't find elsewhere.

No other site on the Net adds the songs like we do, so after poking around a couple of our sites you're gonna wanna come back here and bookmark this page, m'kay? Have a look for yourself. Just select the "Pimped Lyrics Sites" below, pick an artist, and find the song and lyrics you want to hear. Simple as that. (We also have a list of "other" music and lyrics sites on the net too, so feel free to check those out).

Enjoy...and you're welcome :-)

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